Connie Saylor and Associates builds and supplies mining tires, mining wheels, and custom products, wheels, and tires for industrial, mining, construction, and military applications.


Connie Saylor started as a small tire dealer for mines in 1977. He was also a race car driver, starting his first NASCAR, Winston Cup race in 1978 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, finishing in 8th place. From there, he went on to run mines during the week and then back to the track on weekends. Although he never owned his own car, Connie was renowned for squeezing the most out of what he had to work with to turn a fast lap. He was hired by multiple teams over the years to race or test their cars.

During this time, his business continued to grow. This put his racing career on the back-burner, as he declined several full-time rides in order to continue growing his family business. With the inherent dangers and injuries that come with stock car racing, Connie believed his focus should stay on growing CSA.

Two very proud moments on the track for Connie were winning a qualifying race for the Daytona 500 in 1981, and getting a call from Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress to drive Dale’s car Wrangler #3 to a Top-15 finish at Rockingham in 1984