• FREE Pickup & Delivery for many areas (WV, TN, VA, KY, AL, PA, OH) – * Call for details of coverage area.
  • Onsite & underground consulting to address needs or repairs with mining tire and mining wheel or industrial wheel applications
  • Fastest turnaround on custom mining wheels industrial wheels and/or repairs
  • Complete fabrication machine shop
  • Laser cutting available
  • Foam Filled tires – CSA is one of the largest Accella (Arnco) Dealers in the U.S.A.
  • Welding Repairs
  • Wheel Repairs


  • Multiple VTL machines with turning capabilities up to 36″ OD.
  • Multiple mig welding stations equipped with turntables
  • Radial arm drills
  • Multiple CNC milling stations to hold extreme tight tolerances on bolt circles and other machined parts.
  • Horizontal milling capabilities
  • Multiple tire presses for industrial and mining tires (23.5 x 25 max tire pressing)
  • Multiple foam-filling stations for different durometers

We foam fill just about any off road, slow moving industrial vehicle tires. Tractors, lawn mowers, industrial equipment. Accella top grade fill is the best there is and that’s all we use. This fill will out live your tires!

We are the original flat proofing location in this area and have foam fill technicians with decades of experience. Call us for a quote today and you will never have a flat tire again.